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Should you wish to consider a charitable boat donation to Brigantine Inc.s Tallship Sailtraing Program for youth please provide the information requested below. Forward this information to us for consideration via the secure link at the bottom of our CONTACT PAGE on this website.


Donation Boats for Charity

For boaters who are at the stage in their life and for either health or financial reasons want to get off the water immediately you may wish to consider donation of your used boat as a charitable donation. Your generous boat donation allows us to provide direct funding and support to organizations that support youth and young adults at risk. You can eliminate the weighty costs and responsibilities of ownership and receive a significant tax deduction based on the appraised market value of your used boat and at the same time have the fulfillment of supporting our local youth programs.

Privateer Yacht Sales are proud supporters of the Canadian Sail Training Association and Brigantine Inc., a non for profit organization. Brigantine Inc. is the oldest continuous youth sail training program in the world and operates the tallship S.T.V., St. Lawrence II.


Privateer Yacht Sales Charity Donation Application 

Please provide the following information for consideration as a "Privateer Yacht Sales' Charity Donation Boat" and email this to;


Name of Boat Donor

Contact Information of Boat Donor

Boat, Make, Model and Year of Manufacture

Present Location of Vessel

Is there a trailer or cradle for boat?

When was the boat last used?

Is there a recent survey for the boat?

Is there any equipment presently on the boat would not be included?


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Privateer yacht sales is pround to annouce this pure and legendary

vessel, Unicorn, as our new tall ship listing.

Happy New Year to all those Sailors out there!

Check out our newest listing Thalassa


Own the Largest sailing ship built in Canada,

the Caledonia.

Financing term available for quilified buyers.

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Prowler of Africa, Spare Change

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Latest PYS News

Major international tall ship listing to be announced!

Le Revanant 

Movie and 2014 appearance opportunties for new buyers. See listing for more details.

The Canadian Sail Training Association/Association Canadienne de Voile Educative(CSTA) is proud to announce that Chris Chafe and Peter Milley, both with Kingston's sail training organization, Brigantine Inc. have been elected to the posts of Chariman and Treasurer respectively at the association's annual general meeting held in Toronto on Mar1,2014. Chris Chafe Operation manager and Captain of the St. Lawrence II serves on the Copenhagan Denmark headquartered, Sail Train International organization. Peter Milley is President of Brigantine Inc. North America's oldest sail traininf organization. CSTA is the national coordinating body that links all sail training organizations coast to coast across Canada. The Association is respondsible for all international sail training events in Canadian waters and represents Canada in a world-wide network of sail training organizations. It is the singular recognised voice in the Canadian marine sail training industry and as a stakeholder works closely with Transport Canada.


Be part of Living History - have a son, daughter or grandchild consider a sailtraining adventure aboard the Tallship St Lawrence II in August of 2014 when we will be sailing to Charlottetown PEI for the anniversary of the Charlottetown Accord/First Minister's Conference and Quebec City 2014 Tallships event. It's the opportunity of a lifetime! It's first come first serve so call now to reserve a berth for a saltwater experience learning to sail a tallship.

Soon to be posted: the Brigantine Inc. website for the 2014 schedule; 
Fair winds and following seas in the fall of 2013!

Now, as lift-out and winter storage approaches is a great time to purchase. It's a "buyers market" and there are deals to be had. For those wishing to sell contact us right away and don't wait any longer to list your boat! Let us help to ensure your boat sells at the first available opportunity.

Please check our charity donation boat page to dontate your boat to assist Briganitne Inc.s not-for-profit sail training program for Kingston and Eastern Ontario youth.